Episode #71 William Mougayar - Author of The Business Blockchain

Join us this week as we chat with author William Mougayar about the future of the blockchain and its various applications for business.  You can find William's book, The Business Blockchain, at Amazon.

Episode #70 Mukund Mohan - VP of Engineering and Strategy at Microsoft

Join us this week as we chat with Mukund Mohan, VP of Engineering and Strategy at Microsoft, about coming technology, and whether chatbots are the future or just a passing trend.  

Episode #69 Nathan McDonald - CEO - Keiretsu Capital - Chairman - Keiretsu Forum Northwest

This week we chat with Nathan McDonald about Keiretsu Forum and trends he is seeing in angel investing.  We also talk a bit about the Keiretsu process for due diligence when selecting investments, and the upcoming Northwest Angel Capital Expo on August 18, 2016.  More information about the Northwest Angel Capital Expo can be found at: http://www.k4northwest.com/events/northwest-angel-capital-expo

Episode #68 Jason Parker - Owner and President - Copperworks Distilling

Join us this week as we chat with Jason Parker, Owner and President of Copperworks Distilling about Seattle as a hub for craft distilling and how he got started with Copperworks.

Episode #67 Michael Butler - Cascadia Capital

This week we chat with Michael Butler of Cascade Capital about investment banking and what acquirers are looking for in target companies, and how best to position your company for sale.   

Episode #65 Heather Redman - Tech Executive and Angel Investor

This week we chat with Heather Redman, a tech executive and angel investor, about how she got her start and how we can attract more people to angel investing.

Episode #64 Lauren Kickham - Vulcan

This week we chat with Lauren Kickham about impact investing and her work at Vulcan helping identify opportunities for successful investments that drive positive change in the world.

Episode #63 Bryan Brewer

This week we chat with Bryan Brewer about startup fundraising and the Minimum Fundable Company test that he developed to help companies understand if they are ready to raise money.

Episode #62 Miguel Willis - CaseBooker

This week we chat with Seattle University Law Student and Entrepreneur, Miguel Willis about CaseBook, a textbook marketplace for law students.

Episode #61 Buzz Bruggeman - ActiveWords

This week we chat with startup veteran Buzz Bruggeman.  We chat about his company ActiveWords, Microsoft's acquisition of Linkedin, the prospects of VR, and his advice for young entrepreneurs.  

Episode #60 Drew Meyers - Horizon App

This week we chat with Drew Meyers about Horizon and about marketplace apps and his company's app Horizon, which let's users stay with people in their social network when traveling.

Episode #59 Brenton Webster

This week we chat with Brenton Webster of Fastbar Technologies.  Fastbar offers a service that enables fast payments for drinks and merchandise at events using wristbands that are linked to the attendees' credit cards.  

Episode #58 Shauna Causey - Startup Advisor and Social Media Maven

This week we chat with Shauna Causey about her work with large and small companies helping them adapt to social media, and her current work with startups and as a Board Member of KUOW.  

Episode #57 Nick Tommarello - Founder of WeFunder.com

This week we chat with Nick Tommarello of WeFunder.com about crowdfunding and WeFunder's launch of its equity crowdfunding platform, which has been enabled by federal crowdfunding laws that go into effect on May 19th 2016.  

Episode #56 BJ Lackland - CEO - Lighter Capital

This week we chat with BJ Lackland, CEO of Lighter Capital, about revenue loans as an alternative to traditional venture financing.

Episode #55 Josh Levy - Startup Veteran and Author

This week we chat with Josh Levy, a veteran of the startup scene and creator of the GitHub document The Art of the Command Line.  Join us as we talk about Josh's background in tech and how he got started.  Plus we get into the pros and cons of GitHub as a (non-code) document collaboration tool.

Episode #54 Red Russak - Startup Superconnector and Cannabis Tech Meetup Organizer

This week we chat with Red Russak.  The the past several years Red has become one of the best connected members of the startup community in Seattle.  From his work with Startup Seattle that was eventually sold to the City of Seattle, to starting the New Tech Seattle and Cannabis Tech Meetups, he has made a huge contribution to the startup community here.  Join us as we chat about New Tech Seattle, Red's visit to the white house, and all things Cannabis.

Episode #53 Mary Jesse - Chief Strategy Officer - VRstudios

This week we chat with Mary Jesse, a veteran entrepreneur, and Chief Strategy Officer at VRStudios.  Find out more about the current state of enterprise VR and the approach VRStudios is taking to the industry.

Episode #52 Darby Wong - Co-Founder and CEO - Clerky

This week we talk with Darby Wong, Co-Founder and CEO of Clerky.  Darby left his big tech law firm to start Clerky, a startup focused on automating legal document creation for startups.  Darby was a great guest because of his startup experience, but also because his company focuses on something every startup can use.

Episode #51 Sanjay Puri - Co-Founder of 9 Mile Labs

This week we chat with Co-Founder of 9 Mile Labs, Sanjay Puri.  9 Mile Labs is a startup accelerator focused on enterprise startups.  We talk with Sanjay about 9 Mile, the latest crop of startups to come through their program, and the unique challenges of selling into enterprise.