Community Sound Off Experiment

We are going to try something new on the podcast.  A chance for listeners to chime in with announcements related to their startup.  We look at the podcast as an easy way for startup founders and investors to causally listen in on what is happening in the startup community through the interviews and discussions that we post.  We want to broaden things out a bit and enable more voices to be heard.  

If you have an announcement related to your startup that you want to share with our listeners, record a message for us at 425-409-9231.  Share your wins big and small.  Did you ship a new version of your product?  Tell everyone.  Are you growing and are looking for employees?  First paid customer?  Just closed a round of funding?  Share your success and we will post it as an add-on to the podcast once we get enough responses.

Please keep your message to 30 seconds, and be sure to identify yourself and your startup.  Share a success (big or small), or make a request to the community.

A word of caution, this isn't a good venue to solicit investment.  Public solicitations regarding funding can run afoul of securities laws and have negative repercussions for your company.

We urge you to participate.  Our audience is currently around 800 subscribers, plus folks who listen but don't subscribe through a traditional podcast client.  Small enough that your participation would make a huge difference.  

Call us and join the conversation: 425-409-9231