Episode #142 Beth Schroeder

This week we chat with Beth Schroeder. Beth is a Co-Founder of kendr, a company that builds  an app that allows employees to directly access HR or management to report (anonymously if desired) issues at work. You can find out more about kendr at http://kendr.com. Thank you for being on the show Beth!

Episode #137 Shahid Buttar

This week we chat with Shahid Buttar, a progressive Democrat running against Nancy Pelosi in Calfornia's 12th congressional district.  Shahid is immigrant, Muslim, non-profit advocate, community organizer, constitutional scholar, poet, musician, columnist, and policy geek.  He is also an advocate for open access to technology, having worked with the EFF protecting civil liberties in the digital world.  We need more voices like his in our government.  If what he says resonates with you, please spread the word, donate and/or volunteer.  You can find more information about Shahid and his campaign at www.shahidforchange.us.  

Episode #136 Cliff Webster

This week we chat with Cliff Webster, an Olympia lobbyist, who is called in various news stories ‘one of Washington’s most sought after and successful lobbyists’ and one of a handful of ‘lobbyists to call to get things done.’  After 35 years lobbying in the state capital, Cliff has great stories to tell about how Olympia works.

Episode #132 Matt McIlwain

This week we chat with Matt McIlwain, the Managing Director of the Madrona Venture Group. Matt has been a long-time member of the Seattle startup community. We talk about Madrona, the Seattle ecosystem, public policy, taxes, and what the future might hold. Thanks for being on the show Matt!

Episode #130 Dan DeWolf

This week we chat with Dan DeWolf, a securities lawyer with Mintz Levin in New York City. Dan has been involved in some great securities law projects, including the SEC no action letter for Citizen VC . Dan is also a law professor at NYU Law School where he teaches venture capital law.  We chat with Dan about the securities law implications of token sales, as well as other fun and exciting securities law compliance issues. Thank you for being on the show Dan! 

Episode #129 Bryan Brewer

This week we chat with Bryan Brewer. Bryan is a long-time active participant in the Seattle startup community, helping companies with their business plans and marketing strategies.  On this podcast, Bryan shares his advice on what not to do when raising funds from angel investors. 

Episode #127 Kevin O'Keefe

This week we chat with Kevin O'Keefe, the Founder & CEO of LexBlog. LexBlog is the world’s largest and most comprehensive legal news and information network, drawing on the contributions of bloggers worldwide. Over 15,000 legal professionals use LexBlog’s digital design and publishing platform.

Episode #126 Sam Teden

This week we chat with Sam Teden, a Director of Business Development for Frontier Capital. Frontier Capital is a growth equity firm based in Charlotte, NC. Frontier exclusively focuses on investing as a minority or majority partner in B2B, SaaS, and Tech Enabled Business Service companies. Today, they are investing out of Fund V, which is a $700M fund. They invest in companies ranging between $5-$30M of revenue and check sizes range from $15-$75M.

Sam spends a good amount of  time in the Pacific Northwest, and is responsible for maintaining and developing strategic relationships to source investments for the firm.