Common Stock Financing Term Sheet (Example)

I am a fan of 1 page term sheets when it comes to company financings.

I think probably the best example of this is the Series Seed Term Sheet, which you can find here: 

Why is it important or nice that a term sheet be short? It helps accelerate a discussion of the deal. The fundamental material deal points ought to be able to be captured in one page--at least in a seed stage financing transaction.

You could argue the Series Seed Term Sheet, although 1 page, isn't really 1 page--because it references the underlying definitive documents. And that is true. I like the way the Series Seed Term Sheet does that.

If you are looking for a common stock term sheet for a financing, I've attached one at the link below. I had a friend call me this morning and tell me she couldn't find a good, short common stock term sheet online. This makes sense, because common stock financings are uncommon. I hope you find the attached helpful.

Example Common Stock Term Sheet