Episode #124 Christina Cyr

This week we chat with Christina Cyr, CEO, CTO and Founder of dTOOR, makers of The Cyrcle Phone.

Her education is in physics and biochemistry with a master's degree in from what is now known as the Human Centered Design & Engineering department at the University of Washington. Christina's work experience includes being a biochemist, a software engineer and a hardware engineer, with an unrelenting passion for electronics.

Episode #123 Mark Mueller-Eberstein

This week we chat with Digital Transformation expert Mark Mueller-Eberstein. Mark is an investor, a well-known public speaker and best-selling author. He teaches at Rutgers Business School and soon through Coursera.

Episode #122 Stock Option Taxation

This week Joe and Mike talk about stock option taxation issues.

Episode #121 Katie Chase

This week we chat with Katie Chase. Katie is long-time member of the Seattle startup community and currently the COO of Package Guard. After walking the Camino de Santiago last year (a 500 mile pilgrimage) in Spain, she combined her study and work of almost 20 years in performance and movement (Alexander Technique) with Executive Coaching and founded WalkingKata. By combining Leadership and Movement Coaching her belief is that self-awareness and noticing (mindfulness) can improve performance, stress, and building teams - the latter being one of the top reasons startups fail. It gets to the heart of finding and doing our right work. You'll find her online at walkingkata.com.

Episode #120 Rachel Azaroff

This week we chat with Rachel Azaroff, who specializes in helping early stage companies with marketing and telling their story.

Episode #119 Jacob Colker

This week we chat with Jacob Colker about the SVP Fast Pitch Forum to be held in Seattle on October 24, 2017. You can find more information about this at the following link: http://www.socialventurepartners.org/seattle/fast-pitch/.

Episode #118 Doug Johnson

This week we chat with Doug Johnson, the CEO of Jobalign, which has built an innovative candidate engagement platform from the job seeker's perspective.

Episode #117 - Andrew Weinreich

This week we chat with Andrew Weinreich, a serial entrepreneur who also hosts a podcast called Predicting Our Future. 

Episode #116 - Bill Carleton

This week we chat with Bill Carleton, a long-time Seattle early stage tech company lawyer and poet.

Episode #115 - Ali Amadon

This week we chat with Ali Amadon, the CEO and Founder of Brimbee.com, a site that allows you to easily plan to attend concerts and other events with friends. 



Episode #114 - Roundtable Discussion

This week we chat with a great group of Founders from Seattle: Aseem Badshah of Socedo; Gilad Berenstein of Utrip, Michael Feaster of Usermind, and Daniela Luzi Tudor of WEconnect.

Episode #113 Dan Acosta

This week we chat with Dan Acosta, the Founder and CEO of Globatom, a provider of cloud-based logistics software for businesses.

Episode #112 Daniela Braga

This week we chat with Daniela Braga, the Founder and CEO of DefinedCrowd.

Episode #111 Alex Higgins

This week we chat with Alex Higgins, a Seattle lawyer, about non-competition agreements and related matters.

Episode #110 Leslie Feinzaig

This week we chat with Leslie Feinzaig, the Founder of Venture Kits and the Female Founder Alliance.

Episode #109 Chase Nobles

This week we chat with Chase Nobles, the Co-Founder of Guide Resource Services, Inc.

Episode #108 Brittany Seabaugh

This week we chat with Brittany Seabaugh, the Co-Founder of Armoire, a company that enables women to rent high-end clothing for work or the weekend, tailored to individual preferences.  Brittany discusses algorithms and personal styling, how her company blends fashion art and science, and its appeal to conscious consumers as part of the sharing economy.

Episode #107 Gilad Berenstein

This week we chat with Gilad Berenstein, the CEO and Founder of Utrip, a site that helps you make the most of your travel.

Episode #106 Berit and Brett Anderson

This week we chat with Berit Anderson and Brett Anderson, the Founders of Scout.ai. Scout.ai helps you think about and plan for the future. 

Episode #105 Mike Moyer

This week we chat with Mike Moyer, the creator of the Slicing Pie method for splitting up equity amongst co-founders.