Episode #92 Dan Bernstein - Investment Banker, Composer, Game Developer

This week we chat with Dan Bernstein of the Investment Banking firm of Corum Group.  Dan has a background in coding, music and game development and is now working with software companies in an investment banking role with his firm Corum Group.  

Episode #91 Jon Croy - Founder and VP Operations of Point Inside

This week we chat with Jon Croy, Founder and VP of Operations at Point Inside, about enterprise mobile applications and the business of indoor mapping.

Episode #90 Bob Crimmins - Startup Haven and Startup Poker 2.0

This week we chat with Bob Crimmins of Startup Haven and Startup Poker 2.0. Bob is a huge part of the startup ecosystem here in Seattle and has taken his Startup Poker 2.0 event beyond Seattle and into other startup communities. 

Episode #89 Mike Davidson - Startup Veteran and Former VP of Design for Twitter

This week we chat with Mike Davidson about his work leading the design team at Twitter and what is next for him.  We also dive into the role technologists and startup entrepreneurs can take to help bridge the political divide in the US and make positive contributions after our most recent Presidential election. 

Episode #88 Adam Philipp - AEON Law

This week we chat about patents for startups with Adam Philipp of AEON Law.

Episode #87 Marianne Hudson - Executive Director of the Angel Capital Association

This week we chat with Marianne Hudson of the Angel Capital Association about startups, angel investment, and some of the policy issues that face angel investors.

Episode #86 Jay Turner - CEO of Jeffmont and Redbird Sports

This week we chat with Jay Turner, CEO of JeffMont and Redbird Sports, about the business of making golf clubs and how he is using technology to help make golfers play better and enjoy the game more.

Episode #85 Nat Burgess - TechStrat

This week we talk with M&A Advisor Nat Burgess about the investment banking business and how startups can better groom themselves for acquisition.

Episode #84 Anthony Bontrager - CEO of Soda Media

This week we chat with Anthony Bontrager, Founder and CEO of Soda Media.

Episode #83 Mark Kurtz - Chief Growth Officer & VP - New Media at Gage

This week we chat about marketing for startups with Mark Kurtz, Chief Growth Officer & VP of New Media at, marketing agency, Gage.

Episode #82 JJ McKay and Al Olson - The Fresh Toast

This week we chat with JJ McKay (Founder and Publisher) and Al Olson (Cannabis Editor) of the new lifestyle and entertainment website, The Fresh Toast, with a mission that includes helping make the cannabis conversation mainstream.

Episode #81 Randall Lucas - Voyager Capital

This week we chat with Randall Lucas of Voyager Capital about how he got his start, and the business to business segment of the startup community.

Episode #80 Nick Hughes - Founders Live

This week we chat with Nick Hughes about his new venture, Founders Live, an online community for early stage startup founders.

Episode #79 Yi-Jian Ngo - Managing Director of Seattle Alliance of Angels

This week we chat with Yi-Jian Ngo, Managing Director of the Alliance of Angels in Seattle.

Episode #78 Tarah Wheeler - Biohacker / Author / Website Security Czar

This week we chat with Tarah Wheeler.  Tarah is the author of the book Women in Tech and is the Website Security Czar for Symantec.

Episode #77 Michael Wu - eShares

This week we chat with Michael Wu of eShares about the company and how it is working to change the way companies manage their cap table and corporate administration.

Episode #76 Barak Rosenbloom - Founder and CEO of Essay Mentors

This week we chat with Barak Rosenbloom, the Founder and CEO of Essay Mentors.  

Episode #75 Janice Shade - Milk Money

This week we chat with Janice Shade, founder of the crowd funding site Milk Money, about local crowd funding in the State of Vermont and what we can learn from how other states are handling crowd funding regulation.  

Episode #74 Joe Morrison - Launch Alaska

This week we chat with Joe Morrison about the startup scene in Alaska and his accelerator Launch Alaska.

Episode #73 Peter Chee - Founder of Thinkspace

Join us this week as we chat with Peter Chee, founder of the Thinkspace co-working spaces in Redmond and Freemont.  We chat about co-working and trend in the type of startups that are using co-working spaces.